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Forte dei Marmi

The small town of Forte dei Marmi is situated on the northern coast of the Province of Lucca bordering with the area of Massa Carrara.

It is part of the historic / geographic area called Versilia. It counts about 9000 inhabitants and its territory stretches over 9 miles.

It is a seaside resort among the most popular of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Forte dei Marmi joins around a pier built in the XVI century to load of Apuan marble and then protected in 1788 by a fortress built by Leopold I. The fortress is now in the centre of thePiazza Garibaldi.

Nobles of half of Europe, diplomats, businessmen and captains of industry, artists and famous people built their magnificent villas hidden and protected by the pine park, choosing to spend their holiday on the fine sands of this beautiful restort.

In the last century it become a very popular tourist destination and it has managed to transform a part of the original environment in beautiful gardens and lush lawns.

From Forte dei Marmi, guests can discover numerous architectural and cultural historical beauties, visit the many charming villages nestled in the numerous valleys or perched on the hills, enjoy the charm of old pastures of the Apennines or practice their favourite sport.

With its many elegant shops, this small city has managed to select an elite tourism. But this destination, despite its many shops and strong tourism is still very relaxing. Its narrow streets trees and pine trees make Forte dei Marmi a relaxing destination.

Although “Relax” is the most meaningful word, there is no shortage of parties and entertainment. It is not difficult to find a hotel in Forte dei Marmi. The city’s economy depends mainly on summer tourism.

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