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Island of Gorgona

The Island of Gorgona is located in the Ligurian Sea in front of Livorno, 37 km far from the coast of the peninsula.

It is 3 kilometers long and wide about 2, with its 220 square miles is the smallest island of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Its profile, visible from the coast of Tuscany, reminds of the face of a woman. It is mainly mountainous and full of vegetation typical of the Mediterranean area, its highest peak is about 300 meters above sea level.

Along the coastline, it is possible to meet fascinating coves and bays like the Costa dei Gabbiani or Cala Scirocco where there is the entrance to Grotta del Bue Marino, once the refuge of monk seals. These places cannot be visited anymore because of the restrictions of the park.

The west coast falls vertically on the sea, while to the east slopes form three valleys ending in small coves (Cala Maestra, Marcona Cala, Cala Scirocco). the visit to the island it is usually allowed every Tuesday during the summer months in small groups that are taken by a patrol boat the ferry service between Livorno, Capraia and Elba.

The tour, operated by the Cooperative Natural Park, revolves around the most picturesque coasts and hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation that are the habitat of wild rabbits, gulls, terns and birds of passage.

The thing that stand out to visitors is the vegetation: in fact about 90% is covered by the typical Mediterranean maquis, with areas of woodland, and it hosts (according to recent studies) over 400 species of flora. Even the beautiful clear waters surrounding the island are significant, because they have been contaminated by man in very little proportion.

The sea surrounding the island is forbidden to travel and then to the boats, so the poor man’s presence enabled the maintenance of clean water and lack of pollution. This has allowed the proliferation of particularly sensitive marine species.

Photos from the albums of: Conanie, adrip, Gillum.

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