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Romito, Livorno

The Romito is a coastal road that winds from Livorno to the south until the seaside resort of Quercianella. The path of urban promenade ends near the Castello del Boccale in the area of Antignano. From here, along the Via Aurelia (named Via del Littorale), this particularly striking stretch of coast overlooking the sea opens itself.

Along the cliff, part of the system of Livorno Hills and famous for being the scenery of the epilogue of the movie “Il Sorpasso” by Dino Risi, there are the canyons of Calafuria and Calignaia, separated from the Sassoscritto promontory, from where it is possible to see the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago (particularly the island of Gorgona) and Corsica on the horizon.

The coastal road is equipped with stairs carved directly into the rock, allowing to descent into coves and bays that open onto a transparent sea, well-known for its richness of the Mediterranean flora and fauna. Here many diving lovers spend a lot of time enjoying the submarine view.

Continuing further, immediately after the Cala del Leone and the manor house that once belonged to Sidney Sonnino (which stands on the promontory of Torre Romito, about 90 meters above sea level), lies the small village of Quercianella, immersed in the typical Mediterranean vegetation. This is a delightful town and has always been a destination for Italian and foreign tourists.

The characteristics of the mild climate all year round and the quality of the sea make it a holiday resort even in winter. The coast with bays, small beaches and harbours, offers different places ever to be discovered every day. The quiet, the sun, the sea, with various water sports, the vegetation, with beautiful trekking routs in the lush Mediterranean scrub made it one of the most popular and appreciated places in Italy.

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