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Maremma Natural Park

The Maremma Natural park – Uccellina Park covers 100 square kilometres along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

In 1975 the coast has been declared a protected area. The central part of the park are the hills of Uccellina, with a maximum height of 451 meters.

From there an incomparable view is offered to visitors: the Tyrrhenian Sea, the islands of Giglio, Elba and Corsica, and the beautiful natural scenery.

The management of the Park is located in Alberese. Around the mouth of the river Ombrone there is the flat area with wetlands, ponds, dunes and pine forests.

The southern part of the park is formed by the hills of Uccellina and characterized by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Perched on the hills visitors can admire some ancient towers and churches, like the towers Castelmartini Collelungo, Cala di Forno and Bella Marsilia, and the Abbey of St. Rabano.

reach the park, visitors have to reach pass to management in Alberese. From here every hour from 9 to 14 start several hiking trails.

The fauna of the park conists of wild boar, deer, porcupines, badgers, foxes, wild cats, martens, weasels and many species of birds.

The beautiful Mediterranean vegetation consists of oaks, oaks, arbutus, broom, thyme and rosemary.

The best route is the way through San Rabano. This trail leads from Pratini to the abbey of St. Rabano and requires four to five hours. The path starts along an abandoned olive grove with a rich undergrowth of roses, broom, and rosemary.

Then it gets to shady oak trees, where visitors start climbing the slopes of the hills. Arriving at the highest point (417 meters), they can enjoy an unbeatable view of the Tuscan archipelago and the Corsica.

From here it is possible to reach in few minutes, the Abbey of St. Rabano. The first thing that catches the eye, is the bell tower, which dominates over the oaks.

Arriving at the clearing, there are the remains of the religious complex, forming with its soft colours a stark contrast with the dark green of the oaks and the deep blue of the sea.

The monastery, however, is surrounded by a fence and cannot be visited because it is not part of the park.

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