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Serchio Valley

Media Valle del Serchio (commonly Mediavalle) is a region in the province of Lucca located between the city of Lucca and the Garfagnana, along the basin of the river Serchio.

Media Valle del Serchio includes, from north to south, the towns of Barga, adopted land of the poet Giovanni Pascoli, Coreglia Antelminelli, Bagni di Lucca, famous and precious spa, Borgo a Mozzano, Fabbriche di Vallico. Some also include in the territory also Pescaglia, with the important villages of San Martino and Monsagrati.

Serchio Valley is a fascinating and mysterious part of Tuscany, comprised between the Apuan Alps and the Apennines. It was named after the river Serchio running through it for its entire length and that, with its deep gorges, creates a lot of streams.

The main city of the area is Barga, chosen by Giovanni Pascoli as his adopted second home, which inspired many of his works.

The valley maintains an intact landscape and hides small villages of great charm and fascination.

For example: Borgo a Mozzano with the famous Ponte del Diavolo (Devil’s Bridge), built in the XI century and famous for the peculiarity of its arches and Bagni di Lucca, where there is a hot spring already known by the Romans. This town, very popular during the Renaissance, had a great development during the XIX century and had famous guests as Pascoli, Carducci, Montale, Dumas, Byron, Shelley and Puccini.

This is an area rich in natural beauties, forests, waterways and wonders such as the Orrido di Botri (Horror of Botri). It is a fierce and imposing limestone gorge, a real canyon with steep walls, created by the waters of the river Rio Pelago.

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