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Castellina in Chianti

Castellina in Chianti is a town of 2820 inhabitants in the province of Siena, located on the hills of Chianti.

Castellina is one of the most important villages of the Chianti Senese. It is of medieval origin and is linked to the near Radda in Chianti and Gaiole in Chianti for both the historical events and the the economic activities.

Tourism and the production of wine and oil are the base of the economy of this area.

The village of Castellina comes from an ancient Etruscan nucleus dating back to the sixth-seventh century BC but the current structure has been created in medieval times.

It is located in a strategic position between Siena and Florence and it was part of the League of Chianti with Radda and Gaiole. This alliance had as its emblem a “Gallo Nero ” (“black cock”) which became the name of one of the most renowned and famous wine of Chianti.

Very interesting to see is the Rock:

it is a massive building standing on the main square with a fourteenth-century crenellated tower from whose top one can admire a remarkable landscape of Chianti.

Inside there is a small Etruscan museum and the council hall, the room of the Captain and the courtyard with the well.

Interesting are also the Church of Santissimo Salvatore, which was rebuilt after the war, where visitors can admire works of the Tuscan school and Via delle Volte, a charming covered walkway along the walls.

Near Castellina in Chainti there are:

The Mound of Montecalvario: a short distance away on the highway 222 there is this archaeological site consisting of four tombs dating from the VII-VI sec. A.C.;

the Necropolis of Poggino: it is located near Fonterutoli and consists of a series of chamber tombs dating back to VII-VI centuries.

How to get there:

from Siena and Florence: take the motorway Siena – Florence and exit at Monteriggioni, then follow the sign to Castellina Scalo. Once there, pass the town and turn right to Castellina in Chianti.

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