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The town of Abetone is located at 1388 meters above sea level and is a famous tourist destination both in winter and summer: in winter thanks to its 50 km of slopes and many ski lifts, and in summer thanks to the many trails avaliable for all lovers of hiking.

Trails offer the opportunity to have long walks in the middle of fauna, flora and amazing landscapes in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

The first real settlement in Abetone dates back to the eighteenth century but historians seem to agree that these mountains were chosen by Hannibal as a strategic point for directing its advance toward Rome in 217 BC and ally with the Gauls.

Anyway the fortune of this area starts from 1800 when the Abetone became famous as a summer tourist destination for the Florentine elite who wanted shelter from the heat of the city.

Since 1904 Abetone became a ski resort of first level thanks to the trend of skiing imported from Norway.

The slopes of Abetone are able to safely meet the needs of both the most demanding skier and beginners. There are present 22 easy slopes, 12 medium difficulty slopes, 2 difficult slopes and a slope school in perfect condition thanks to 46 generators of snow, and to 9 snow groomers for the preparation of routes.

Abetone also has a snow park in Val di Luce at the slope Fariola for all those who want to have fun with boards and snowboards.

Those who want to enjoy an unforgettable view or want a bit of peace, must visit the refuge “The Harness” or the refuge “Baita Pulicchio” at 1680 meters. The 2 refuges can accommodate about 250 people, offering bar, restaurant and a cafeteria.

Other refuges are located near the new gondola lift opened in 2005.

For more information call the Tourist Information Office at the number 0039 0573 60231.

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