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Val di Cornia

The Val di Cornia covers the extreme southern part of the province of Livorno with the Piombino area, where the ferry to the island of Elba departs several times a day.

In the valley meet the Maremma of Livorno (historically known as the Maremma of Pisa) and the Maremma of Grosseto.In the valley runs the river Cornia, from which the area takes its name.

The hinterland of hills stretches south-west up to the foothills of the Metalliferous Hills. Along the coastline there is a fairly flat area with the promontory of Piombino.

On top of the Gulf of Baratti lies the medieval village of Populonia, built on an Etruscan town and its necropolis.

The coastal area includes the towns of Piombino and San Vincenzo, while the hinterland includes the villages of Campiglia Marittima, Suvereto, Sassetta and Monteverdi Marittimo.

The whole area is rich in Etruscan remains. Most of them gather around the Gulf of Baratti and Populonia.

The wines produced in the Val di Cornia are known nationally and internationally and have been recognized as DOC wines.

The wine region is very wide and includes several municipalities with Suvereto, Piombino, Campiglia Marittima, San Vincenzo and Sassetta, which are all part of the province of Livorno, and the municipality of Monteverdi, in the province of Pisa.

The mild climate, the priceless archaeological sites, wild areas, top quality wines and the proximity to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago make the Val di Cornia a versatile place for an attractive and high quality holiday.

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