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Mugello is a part of Tuscany located north of Florence.

It is a beautiful green valley with remarkable natural features that can offer much to visitors. The municipalities that are part of the Mugello are: Marradi, Firenzuola, Barberino del Mugello, Borgo San Lorenzo, Palazzolo sul Senio, Scarperia, San Piero a Sieve, Vicchio and Vaglia. Mugello is a good starting point for visiting famous cities of art like Florence.

This area was very much loved by the Medici family and it is possible to find many traces of their passage such as villas, churches and farmhouses that have been influenced by this family.

Mugello offers many attractions and many things to appreciate and enjoy. Among them: the Park and Villa Demidoff in Pratolino (it belonged to the Medici, and we can admire its wonderful park); the Fortress of San Martino in San Pietro, also built by the Medici; the Convent of Bosco ai Frati in Galliano, (it is very old, dating back to before the year 1000); the beutiful Villa of Cafaggiolo which was one of the favorite residences of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Interesting to see is also the Museo del Paesaggio Storico dell’Appennino (Museum of the historical landscape of the Apennines) in Firenzuola, the Museo della Pietra Serena (Sandstone Museum), the fortress of Firenzuola and the house where Giotto was born in Vespignano.

Mugello, also thanks to the proximity to Florence, offers a wide range of accommodations. Many good quality hotels scattered throughout the territory, high quality service farmholidays and Bed & Breakfast. All of them are in the midst of nature, aiming to provide tourists a relaxing environment and atmosphere.

It is also possible to rent houses and apartments. Visitors can taste typical products in the many restaurants and trattoria around. The area is renowned for the quality of its meat cooked on the grill and homemade pastas.

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