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Montepulciano is a little town in the province of Siena and has approximately 14,472 inhabitants. It is located 605 meters above sea level, between Val di Chiana (Chiana Valley) and Val d’Orcia D’Orcia Valley).

Its origins are Etruscan, dating back to the IV century BC. It is a very interesting area for the variety of its landscapes rich in many colours and for the beauty of the surroundings

The Oasis of Montepulciano is a jewel of Tuscany and this is a very important tourist centre. The city is built along a narrow ridge of limestone and the village is surrounded by walls and fortifications designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder in 1500 by order of Cosimo I.

Montepulciano is known mainly for its impressive Renaissance palaces, the elegant beauty of its churches and for its “Vino Nobile”, one of Tuscany’s most prized wines internationally.

The urban centre is developed along a course that climbs the steep hill to reach the central square, Piazza Grande, which is located at its top.

In the square there is the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi. This church is known because it keeps the beautiful table with a gold background by Duccio Boninsegna (1260-1318), Madonna and Child.

There also are the Palazzo Comunale, built in 1300 and other palazzi that make this place the monumental centre of the city.

The church of San Biagio is situated in the south-west of the city, with the form of a Greek cross surmounted by a large dome.

The Civic Museum and the Pinacoteca Crociati are interesting to visit because they offer collections of great artistic value.

Remarkable is also the Cantina Redi, considered the ancient shrine of the Vino Nobile of Montepulciano.

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