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The town of Pontremoli is located in the north of Tuscany in the province of Massa and Carrara, about 250 meters above sea level. It has about 7942 inhabitants.

Pontremoli is geographically and culturally part of the historic region of Lunigiana. The village owes its name to “ponte tremulus”, a rickety bridge over the river Magra at the time of Henry VI.

The town lies along the ancient Via Francigena and this is why now it is rich in culture and history.

Monuments and places to visit include:

Piagnaro’s Castle, housing the Museo delle Statue Stele. In this museum, the largest in Europe of this kind, there are collected sculptures dating back to 5000 years ago, depicting male and female figures. There are also exhibits that show the evolution of weapons from the age of copper to the iron age.

The church of St. Nicholas, built around 1126;

Porta Parma, main entrance of the city, an ancient portal of the seventeenth century;

The church of San Geminiano, patron of Pontremoli, in the ancient village.

At the bottom of the village there are two squares, divided by the tower of Cacciaguerra, reminiscent of the ancient rivalry between the factions of Guelphs and Ghibellines:the Guelph Piazza del Duomo with the bishopric and the Ghibellines Repubblica Square with the Town Hall;

The church of San Francesco with the elegant eighteenth-century portico by Natali and the first statue of the Immaculate Conception built in Italy, set on a column;

The Theatre of the Rose, built in the eighteenth century and recently restored. It is one of the oldest theatre in Italy;

the Church of Our Lady, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture and painting.

Not far from Pontremoli there is the Village of Santissima Annunziata rich in works of art and since ancient times destination of pilgrimages.

The Palaces of Pontremoli are the mirror of the wealth that the city has had thanks to its trade. The magnificence of these buildings can be seen in the facades, in the courtyards adorned with columns and statues, in the beautiful and grand staircases and in the halls and gardens that witness the glories of the Baroque Pontremoli.

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