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Hotel Relais Laticastelli

Laticastelli is a charming and unique hotel in Toscana, close to Siena and the many beautiful places Tuscany has to offer, a very short distance from Rapolano Terme Spa resort.

Laticastelli is easily accessible from the north and the south, a short ride from the A1 motorway stretching across Italy and easily reachable also from other important roads connecting Siena to Florence.

The location for Laticastelli was chosen as a strategic defensive outpost to protect Siena from the south – the fortress was built in 1200. Over the centuries Laticastelli was a well known site thanks to the presence of natural thermal spas in this region.

The fortress was at the center of fierce battles where Florence prevailed over Siena. Once defeated, Siena was stripped of every defense shield and Laticastelli was
destroyed and abandoned for a long time. After centuries of total and complete neglect, Laticastelli became the center of renewed development which flourished in agriculture over thousands acres of vineyards, cultivated fields, olive groves and mills: livestock trade was also an integral part of the economy.

The wealth produced by such an intense and effective economy triggered the creation and growth of a community and brought back to life the ancient fortress, now a rich and prosperous village with its own local government. Unfortunately this moment of glory in time came and suddenly left Laticastelli: the owners sold most of the land surrounding the village which was abandoned once again.

Today the history and adventures of these places lives throughout the small village, so carefully restored and now a charming hotel relais in Toscana near Siena, travel destination for a more sophisticated clientele, seeking the perfect combination of ancient traditions and modern comfort.

At Laticastelli you can go horseback riding for hours through woods and trails creating passages through thousands of acres of land surrounding the property. Many organize their holidays at Laticastelli to play or take classes and learn to play polo.

For those who enjoy physical activities, Laticastelli offers a wealth of outdoor recreation options: walking, jogging, cycling routes and you can swim in the pool.

Physical activities are integrated perfectly with those of Health and Wellness thanks to the proximity to the ancient thermal baths dating back to Roman times.
For nature lovers you can create custom itineraries to visit neighboring medieval villages and castles.

Siena and Florence are easily reached within minutes, making Laticastelli the perfect retreat for a vacation combining fun and recreation, physical rest and relaxation. At Laticastelli you’ll enjoy the pleasure of shopping for local products, combined with moments of total relaxation and intense culinary pleasures.

All this is Laticastelli, Hotel Relais in Tuscany.

Laticastelli Hotel Relais in Tuscany
53040 – Rapolano Terme, Siena
Tel: +39.0577 724419

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