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Volterra is a small town in Tuscany and its origins date back 300 years ago. Throughout its history you can find traces and historic tracks that have made her one of the cities of Italy.

The walls that surround the city, the necropolis of Marmini and la Porta dell’Arco date back to the Etruscan period.

The Theater of Vallebona was built in Roman times.

But the current urban structure of the city dates back to medieval times. You can find typical alleys, churches, palaces and towers belonging to this period.

The Renaissance has influenced Volterra, but did not alter the medieval atmosphere and appearance. Among the most significant evidence of the Renaissance there are the Medici Fortress and several superb palaces.

Volterra is also rich in museums: the Etruscan Museum, the Pinacoteca Civica and the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.

The city is also famous for the working of alabaster which is another aspect of great interest. There are many craft shops and numerous exhibitions that can be visited.

Anyway Volterra doesn’t offers only art and history. The geographical area in which the town is located is rich in natural beauties and charming landscapes.

Hiking fans have the opportunity to choose among a wide range of hiking, horseback riding, cycling marked trails.

Volterra is well known for its traditional cuisine too. Its specialties are among the best traditional Tuscan recipes.

In summer there are many cultural events such as concerts of classical and modern music, art exhibitions and folk performances.

Volterra offers numerous accommodations: hotels, bed and breakfasts and farmhouses providing the best atmosphere and local cuisine. Photos from the albums of: musical photo man, Hellebardius, liquene and floriamo urs flury.

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