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Vinci is a town of 14,375 inhabitants in the province of Florence. Vinci was once the land of the Etruscans and then Roman “castrum”. It is well known all over the world for being the town where Leonardo da Vinci was born and many important exhibitions and museums are dedicated to his history, his life and his genius.

The construction of the Castello dei Guidi, central part of the town history, overlooking the city, dates back to the Medieval Ages.

Inside the castle, which has an unusual almond shape, there are the Leonardo Museum and, in the basement the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci.

The Leonardo Museum located in the medieval stronghold of the Conti Guidi houses models and projects that make real the projects of Leonardo, including crane, winches, ovens, mills, wagons, the most spectacular bikes, the respirator for the diver and the parachute.

The Museo Ideale in Vinci is devoted to the evaluation of the modernity of Leonardo’s ideas and to the complexity of his work as artist, scientist, inventor and designer.

It is located in the underground tunnel and other very attractive places and has more than 400 peaces of work including paintings, engravings, models of machines, ancient treaties, inventions and original works of art.

Among the most interesting objects there is the Library of the Giant, consisting in big books made of iron with golden pages.

At 2.5 km. north from the village of Vinci there is Anchiano, the house where Leonardo was born, which houses a permanent educational exhibition on the activities of Leonardo.

Vinci is visited each year by 130 thousand people and the Leonardo Museum is one of the most important and most visited museums in Tuscany.

Vinci is a perfect destination for a half day trip from Florence or Pisa, one of the short Tuscany tours that is possible to do starting from those cities

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