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Siena is one of the provinces of Tuscany. The city has a population of about 54,000 inhabitants and is situated in a beautiful area, famous for its rolling hills and typical Tuscan landscape, winding between hills, ancient villages, churches and farmhouses scattered among the hills of Chianti and the Senesi Crete.

Siena has very ancient origins, dating back as many other Tuscan cities to the Roman period and in particular to the period of Emperor Augustus. Nowadays Siena holds its economy on tourism, but also on typical handicrafts. Needless to say that Siena is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Tuscany, rich in a priceless heritage, a container of extraordinary art and culture.

Really famous is the beautiful Piazza del Campo, the focal point of the city. Its form is like a shell, with a paved divided into nine sectors. To surround it there is a frame of beautiful buildings and visitors can admire the Fonte Gaia, jewel of Jacopo della Quercia made of marble panels.

The magnificent Palazzo Pubblico, a wonderful example of Gothic style was built from 1293 to 1310 and was then completed by the Torre del Mangia, housing a stone belfry made by Agostino di Giovanni containing the “Campanone“. Important to see is also the Baptistry.

In Piazza del Duomo there is the Cathedral, which was originally a Romanesque church and then the subject of an ambitious project that in order to emulate the power and wealth of Florence wanted to make it the largest church of Christianity. The project was later abandoned because of an epidemic that struck the city.

Siena as one of the most visited city of art in Tuscany and offers a growing number of hotels of excellent quality. It is located into an area providing very good farmhouses and bed & breakfast. The Senesi hills are rich in structures made on purpose to accommodate tourists and their quality is really good. The good Tuscan typical products are offered during the stay to delight guests. There are also many holiday homes and apartments, villas and historic residences to be rented.

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