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Churches in San Gimignano

The Cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, is a monument of Romanesque architecture, built around 1000 and enlarged over the centuries.

The interior of the basilica is decorated with many frescoes with scenes from the New Testament of the school of Simone Martini, and scenes from the Old Testament of Bartolo di Fredi.

Particularly noteworthy are the two beautiful wooden sculptures by Jacopo della Quercia.

The Church of San Lorenzo in Ponte, was built in 1240 and takes its name from the nearby drawbridge of the castle.

The Church of San Bartolo and the remains of the Church of San Francesco belonged to the Franciscan Order. The monks’ task was to defend the churches from invaders and provide accommodation to pilgrims.

The Church of St. Augustine has an immense wealth of art works of exceptional beauty.

Among them, the altar of St. Vincent of the year 1494, built by Francesco Fiorentino, the fresco of the Pieta, the work of Vincent Tamagni and the altar of the Madonna delle Grazie, framed by a fresco by Lippo Memmi.

According to legend, the church of the Knights of St. James was built after the return from the first crusade.

The Church of San Pietro in Forli dates back to the twelfth century and is one of the oldest in San Gimignano.

The walls are lined with original frescoes by Lippo Memmi, like the Virgin Mary which leads the Child by the hand.

The altar of the church of San Girolamo is decorated with a beautiful painting by Vincenzo Tamagni, depicting the Madonna and Child with the Saints John, Gualberto, Benedict and Jerome.

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