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Pistoia is a city in northern Tuscany and is situated at the foot of the Apennines. It is surrounded by walls dating back to the XIV century.

The origins are very old and the first reports of its existence date back to the Roman empire in the II century B.C. After Pistoia was under the domination of the Lombards and later of the Medici, like many of the areas of Tuscany. During this time became prosperous and the city was adorned by many beautiful palaces that we can still admire.

Pistoia has about 84,000 inhabitants, its patron saint is San Jacopo, celebrated on 25 July.

At Pistoia there are many beautiful monuments: there are many buildings in Romanesque style, such as the Cathedral located in Piazza del Duomo, with a tower reaching 68 meters in height that was originally a tower of Lombard origin. Inside the cathedral we find a silver altar dedicated to San Jacopo.

The Baptistery in the Piazza del Duomo is built in Gothic style as well as the Praetorian Palace and the Palazzo del comune or Palazzo di Giano.

A particularly valuable work is the famous “Pergamo” by Giovanni Pisano, which can be admired in the church of Sant’Andrea, dating back to the VII century and regarded as a masterpiece of the XIV century sculpture.

In the surroundings of Pistoia it is located the small village of Collodi, a fraction of the town of Pescia. This is the town of Pinocchio. In the Villa Garzoni it is possible to enjoy the large garden and the Park of Pinocchio, where the atmosphere of the famous Italian opera by all known in the world has been recreated.

In Pistoia there are facilities for nice vacation. Visitors can find very beautiful and modern equipped hotels (up to five stars), but there are also many hotels from two to four star, offering an excellent value for money.

Other very good facilities are the many farms scattered throughout the territory. They offer Bed & Breakfast or half board stay. In the area there also are landlords and apartments to rent to spend less and have the utmost freedom.

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