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Short Itinerary in Pisa

Pisa is one of the most famous and beautiful cities of Italy. It was a powerful maritime republic and today has become a thriving town with its monuments known throughout the world as the Leaning Tower, the Dome and the Baptistery in the Piazza dei Miracoli.

The first stop is of course in: Campo dei Miracoli

This is the largest architectural complex of the Romanesque in Europe consisting of the famous Leaning Tower, the Dome and Baptistery.

1. The Leaning Tower One of the most visited monuments in the world. The tower is 54 meters. After a closure of more than ten years it has been reopened to the public in the summer of 2002.

2. The Cathedral This is the greatest example of Pisan Romanesque. This is a monumental work completed in the twelfth century, which houses works of immeasurable value as: paintingss by Beccafumi, Ghirlandaio, Andrea del Sarto, Sodom, the mosaic of Cimabue, the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano, the high altar Giambologna.

3. The Baptistery Mighty work completed in the fourteenth century, with a diameter of 18 meters.

Move out from Campo dei Miracoli taking Via Santa Maria and walk until you reach the river Arno spomde (about 15 minutes). At the end of Via Santa Maria turn right and, once arrived at the bridge, cross the river. Turn left and you’ll meet

the Church of Santa Maria della Spina. This is a masterpiece of Gothic art in Pisa. It is entirely built of marble.

Continue along the river till the bridge. This is Ponte di Mezzo, the central bridge in the city. It combines the two main roads Corso Italia, on your right and Borgo Stretto, in front of you, once you cross the bridge.

Now cross the bridge, but at the end of the bridge turn left and walk along the Lungarno Mediceo until on your left you find the Museum of San Matteo, and beside the beautiful church.

Visit the church and go back. Fom here there are magnificent views of the city centre with the buildings that border the river and offer an atmosphere of ancient times.

When you reach the bridge turn right and go into Borgo Stretto. This is one of the main streets around which it develops the oldest part of town.

Where the arches finish, turn left and after few meters you will find yourself in the wonderful Piazza dei Cavalieri. On this square stands the Palazzo dei Cavalieri, home of the Scuola Normale, and the Palace of the Clock, where Count Ugolino was made to starve.

Admire the square and continue down the road you see in front of where you entered. At the end of this short section you are again in Via Santa Maria. Turning right you can return to Campo dei Miracoli.

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