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Pietrasanta is a town in the province of Lucca and counts 24,609 inhabitants. It is the historical capital of Versilia and is a famous center for the processing of marble and bronze of international importance, a crossroads of sculptors from all around the world. Thanks to the many historical monuments over time it has become a true city of art, with numerous galleries and great seasonal exhibitions in the Dome Square and in the Church of St. Augustine.

The historic center of Marina di Pietrasanta is a real jewel of art too, thanks to monuments and palaces that host continuously galleries, exhibitions and performances.

But the old town of Pietrasanta is not only art and monuments. A walk through its streets and alleyways make this little town even more unique for its atmosphere.

However, Marina di Pietrasanta is especially known in Italy as a major tourist destination for its bathing facilities. Its coastline is characterized by fine and soft beaches, stretching for more than five kilometres, and facing the sea in every section of coast. Marina di Pietrasanta is very close to the Park of the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Tigullio.

Pietrasanta, with its territory with sea, hills, mountains, art, culture, entertainment, is a resort for short or long holiday weekend, in autumn, winter, spring and summer. It is also never boring. There’s always something to see and do: trade shows, market events, theatre performances, exhibitions and cultural events of great importance, sports, folklore and popular traditions.

The City of Pietrasanta, in addition to its center, comprises various locations: heading towards the sea there is Marina di Pietrasanta with its fractions: Fiumetto, Tonfano, Motrone, Focette, which are also popular with tourists and holidaymakers. These locations very close to each other offer the opportunity of an active holiday. There are the sea, the thick pine forest where visitors can take long walks or bike rides, the romantic both sports, many beautiful shops, trendy restaurants and parks for children.

Moving into the hill, there are several other villages: Vallecchia, Capriglia, Capezzano Monte and Valdicastello Carducci. These fractions are suitable for those who, while desiring to remain in the historical center of Pietrasanta and the sea, prefer a quiet and relaxing holiday, immersed in the green and in the silence of the countryside. Those whishing to enjoy magnificent views can move towards Capriglia or Capezzano but, unless they rent a house, these two locations do not offer accommodation.

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