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Lucca is a town of about 90,000 inhabitants, within a closed circle of walls, a typical example of a defence often used in medieval times. The city is easily accessible and within a short distance from other important towns of Tuscany such as Florence, Pisa, Viareggio and Massa.

The territory of Lucca consists of plains and mountains. We found the plain in the direction of the Versilia, famous tourist destination thanks to its beautiful sea and to the well equipped seaside resorts located all along the coast. The mountains are located in an area named Garfagnana, offering a mild climate, wonderful spots and a tasty cuisine.

Lucca in times long gone experienced moments of glory thanks to the trade and the manufacture of silk, nowadays the local economy benefits of several craft industries and good tourist inflow.

The town offers many monuments and places definitely worth a visit.

The beautiful cathedral dedicated to St. Martin, built in Romanesque style. Inside there are more Gothic forms and some masterpieces like the ” Pala con Madonna e Santi” by Ghirlandaio.

Some beautiful glazed terracotta by Andrea Della Robbia are visible in the Church of S. Michele in Foro, which is located in Piazza San Michele.

The National Art Gallery, located in Palazzo Mansi in via GalliTassi, contains works and masterpieces by artists such as Pontormo, Beccafumi, Veronese and Bronzino.

various events take place in Lucca along the year, such as the Lucca Summer Festival, the International Festival of the Ville Lucchesi and the Lucchese Musical Summer Festival.

Lucca offers a wide choice of accommodation, so to make a holiday and a stay in a beautiful city that is in the immediate vicinity of many other cities of art. There are in fact available hotels up to five star luxury facilities predominantly within the city, but also cheaper hotel so to satisfy any different kind of needs. As an alternative, there are many Bed & Breakfast and Farmhouses located just outside the district; even here there is ample choice for both economic structures and more expensive ones.

Lucca for its relative proximity to other important art cities of Tuscany, can be a good starting point, a base from which to visit all the wonders Tuscany can offers.

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