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Excursion from Florence to Siena and San Gimignano

One day tour by car.

A beautiful hike through the Chianti with its campaigns, its hills full of olive groves, vineyards and villages.

Leave Florence early enough, definitely not later than 8.00 o’clock. At this time of the day especially in summer it is still not too hot, but the landscape is already full of light with many colours.

After a pleasant trip arrive in Siena and leave the car in the special car parks outside the old city.

Enter into the historic centre and buy a map of the city. Walk leisurely through the narrow medieval streets, admiring ancient buildings, narrow stairs, small arches and splendid medieval corners.

Head to the Cathedral, the majestic centre of this fascinating city. In the cathedral you can admire a series of works of art of great value.

Continue down towards Piazza del Campo, one of the most beautiful and famous squares in the world, where the splendid palace of the Commune is located.

At this point it should be time for lunch. You can eat in the Piazza del Campo, admiring the beauty in front of a taste Italian dish or you can walk a bit looking for an Italian restaurant in the streets around the square, heading out from the centre.

Prices will be much lower and the kitchen is perhaps even better, because far from the busiest tourist routes.

Once you have eaten, walk up to your machine and then head to San Giminiano.

This town is famous for having remained intact over the centuries. Situated atop a hill it offers a wonderful view from far away.

Its uniqueness consists of its numerous towers, which stand out against the sky and give the little town a unique profile in the world.

Enter into the city and walk along its streets, but do not waste too much time in the small antique shops and charming local crafts, because another visit as short as intense deserves your time.

Go back to your car and head from San Gimignano to Monteriggioni. Admire it from afar, perched on the mountain, grand and solid as a fortress.

It is a small ancient medieval village, surrounded by its still intact walls. Many couples choose to marry in Monteriggioni for his wonderful timeless atmosphere.

Appreciate the panorama one last time and then get back on the road. You can return to Florence via the shortest route.

In a day you have seen some of the most beautiful things that Tuscany has to offer.

Photos from the Albums: Gret@Lorenz, anroir, gengish and Sara Carnati.

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