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iesole is a well known little town in Tuscany and it is located a few kilometres far from Florence. It is a city of Etruscan and Roman origins and it was destroyed in 90 BC and subsequently entirely reconstructed. During the Renaissance it became a popular holiday destination and prominent families built many villas, including: Albizi, Medici, Salviati, Rondinelli Vitelli.

Today there are many established cultural institutions like the European University Institute and the University of Harvard. The first settlements in this area date back at least to the Bronze Age (about 2000 BC), but the foundation of a city itself, surrounded by walls, dates from the Hellenistic age (end of IV – beginning of III century. A . C.).

It became a typical Roman city, ant there are still traces of it, and after the fall of the Roman Empire it was invaded by the Lombards (VI-VII sec. D. C).

Though small, Fiesole is rich in monuments of great artistic value. Among the oldest there are the remains of the Etruscan walls, testifying the historical origin of the town, and the Roman theater dating to the first century BC, where in summer suggestive performances are still offered.

Remarkable is also Piazza Mino da Fiesole with the Church of St. Maria Primerana. Interesting are the Museo Bandini with a large exhibition of sculptures, paintings of Tuscan school of the XIII XIV XV century and the Archaeological Museum. Its ground floor houses Etruscan and Roman statues, stelae, bronze (from Fiesole) while the upper floor houses exhibits not coming from Fiesole and a room with cups, glasses and weapons.

Nice to visit is the Basilica of St. Alexander built on a pre-existing pagan temple converted in the Christian Church in the VI century. The Church of St. Francis dating back to the fourteenth and fifteenth century contains great works and the Ethnographic Museum exhibits missionary objects of Etruscan, Chinese and Egyptian origins.

The following table shows the Museum in Fiesole providing telephone numbers and addresses.

Museo “Bandini”

via G. Duprè, 1 – Fiesole

Phone 0039 055 59 477

Museo “G. Duprè” Villa Duprè,

via G. Duprè, 19 – Fiesole

Phone 0039 055 59 171

Museo Archeologico

via Portigiani, 1 – Fiesole

Phone 0039 055 59 477

Museo Fondazione “P. Conti” Villa “Le Coste”,

via G. Duprè, 18 – Fiesole

Phone 0039 055 597 095

Museo Missionario Francescano Convento di S. Francesco,

via S. Francesco, 13 – Fiesole

Phone 0039 055 59 175

How to get there:

By train

From the train station Santa Maria Novella in Florence you can easily reach Fiesole by bus. Alternatively you can reach the station to Fiesole-Caldine, part of the municipality of Fiesole, 5 km far from Florence with which however it is not well connected.

By plane

The nearest airport is Florence, then in a short time you can reach Fiesole by bus. With the shuttle in 30 minutes you can reach the train station of Santa Maria Novella, where there are frequent bus to Fiesole.

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