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The town of Arezzo is an active center in Tuscany and its population is around 100,000 inhabitants. They work in different business sectors such as agriculture, textiles and footwear. This little Italian town is also very famous thanks to the many well-known Italian gold companies. It is situated in a flat and hilly area, but also has some mountainous areas and is the meeting point between the basins of the Val di Chiana, upper Valdarno, Casentino and High Tevere Valley or Valtiberina.

Arezzo was an important Etruscan center, colonized by the Romans and then after many vicissitudes that occurred during the Middle Ages, was the subject of disputes between different religious authorities. The modern Arezzo, despite being an active city has preserved its architectural and urban character. After completion of the Austostrada del Sole (Motorway), Arezzo had new opportunities of development and communications, from agricultural land to industrial and become a modern and active city currently recognized as an important international center for the production of jewels.

Arezzo attracts many tourists because of numerous works of art:

the Church of San Francesco dating back to the middle of 1200, famous in the world for the frescoes of the “Leggenda della Vera Croce” (Legend of the True Cross) by Piero della Francesca, made by the artist around 1400.

Another step to be done is to visit the Archeological Museum, where there are preserved Greek vases and Etruscan ruins of Roman pavements and many coins and statues of inestimable value.

The Pieve di Santa Maria, dating back to the old Christian, is an excellent expression of Romanesque art.

A major event to be seen in Arezzo is the “Giostra del Saracino”. The show is based on an historic race between riders. All is immersed in a picturesque setting, with beautiful and colorful costumes, which reconstructs the atmosphere of medieval time. This show is much loved by tourists, especially foreigners who come here every year to admire it.

An important appointment is the typical Arezzo Antiques Fair, which takes place every first weekend of every month. Visitors will find here many exhibitors exposing their small and large treasures of antiques and objects, sometimes very interesting.

Tourists traveling to Arezzo, can expect a good reception organisation provided by local hotels. Hotels offer several kind of accommodations and a good number of Bed & Breakfast are located throughout the district, so to satisfy all different kinds of needs.

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