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Tourist Travel Guide to Holidays in Tuscany


Tuscany is a region located in central Italy. It consists of 10 provinces and counts 3.497.806 inhabitants.

The main city is Florence rich in art and famous for its great number of  tourist stuctures, above all Florence holiday apartments . Tuscany is known as the region characterized by a mild climate and the various and sober, where the sea gently combines itself with the verdant hills.

In Tuscany landscapes are rarely harsh or offering sharp contrasts. Mainly sweet slopes where vegetation and crops create spots of color outlining a multicoloured horizon. Uman hands made of these landscapes a work of art.

Chianti hills, Siena hills and even the Maremma, amara (bitter) par excellence, offer an alternation of villages and green, that does not ever seem unattainable or too far. Everything seems to be just there. And what about art?

Besides the most renowned cities such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, there are a myriad of places that are no less beautiful, but less “full” of art and therefore they are not so famous or so visited by tourist.

What about little towns like Pienza, Cortona and Volterra; and the famous spas of Chianciano Terme, Montecatini Terme and Bagni di Lucca? Being impossible to make a choice of quality, the criteria of natural selection has become the quantity.

And the cuisine? A long tradition offers a wide variety and a balanced alternation of the main elements, such as meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, salami and so on.

In Tuscany there is a large production of wines, many with a designation of origin, among which the famous Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti and the Nobile di Montepulciano are the most renowned.

Tradition is so rich and important that allow visitors to design itineraries to discover this region, combining pleasure for sight, smell and taste in the certainty that no one of them will remain disappointed.

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